History of the REIFF Group

For over 110 years the REIFF Group has stood for growth, family and innovation. In the founding years, the focus was primarily on selling technical rubber goods. Meanwhile, the family business with headquarters in Reutlingen is now considered one of the leading technical dealers.

Competence in technology in the fourth generation: In addition to the product range of our global supplier network of brand and special suppliers, we contribute our manufacturing expertise through targeted in-house production.

Collage aus Bildern der Chronik

REIFF history


Foundation of Albert REIFF KG, Technische Gummiwaren. On 1 July 1910, 24-year-old Albert Reiff opened Albert REIFF KG, a shop for technical rubber goods, in Reutlingen.


Foundation of A. REIFF + Cie., Automobile-Zubehör. In 1922 the subsidiary A. Reiff + Cie., Automobile-Zubehör was founded.


Foundation ofREIFF + Cie., Techn. Industriebedarf, Kfz-Zubehör und Vulkanisierbetrieb. This was followed in 1931 by the foundation of the subsidiary REIFF + Cie., Techn. Industriebedarf, Kfz-Zubehör und Vulkanisierbetrieb.

Foundation A. Reiff + Cie. , Automobile-Zubehör
New construction of the company headquarters with technical trading


New construction of the company headquarters in Reutlingen. The new construction of the company headquarters with technical trading in Reutlingen started in 1960.


Gummi-REIFF became REIFF GmbH. In 1980 the company became a limited liability company.


New construction of the logistics centre for technical products. The opening of the logistics centre for technical products in the industrial area “Mark-West” takes place in 1988. The first general catalogue for technical products is also produced in this year.


Acquisition of the company Kremer Technische Produkte in Wächtersbach. The KREMER company, based in Wächtersbach, has belonged to REIFF since 1 September 1995. Series parts made of rubber and plastic are manufactured here.


Acquisition of the company ROLLER Technischer Handel, Eschborn and Luxembourg. On 1 January 1997 REIFF Technische Produkte acquired a majority shareholding in the ROLLER company in Eschborn. ROLLER is a hose and industrial safety specialist and covers the area of Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and parts of Franconia.


Restructuring of the business divisions of REIFF GmbH. The independent companies REIFF Management and Service GmbH, REIFF Reifen- und Autoteile GmbH and REIFF Technische Produkte GmbH emerged from the 1999 corporate restructuring of REIFF GmbH.

Logo von kremer und roller
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New construction and conversion of the Reutlingen headquarters. One and a half years after the start of construction, REIFF employees were able to move into the new premises. The first construction phase of the new company headquarters was completed. Five storeys high, spacious premises with high-tech equipment.


New construction of R.E.T. Production plant in Reutlingen-Betzingen. In 2006, R.E.T. was inaugurated with distinguished visitors. On 18 September 2006, Minister President Günther Oettinger, District Administrator Thomas Reumann and Lord Mayor Barbara Bosch visited the newly completed plant.  


100th anniversary of the REIFF Group. The company was founded 100 years ago. In 2010, REIFF employees from all branches celebrated the 100th anniversary.


Foundation of REIFF Technical Products Shanghai. At the beginning of November 2011, REIFF Technische Produkte GmbH founded its first subsidiary in China: REIFF Technical Products Co. Ltd. To make product selection and ordering easier for Chinese customers, the new edition of the REIFF Technische Produkte 2012 general catalogue was also published in English and Chinese.


Acquisition of DELTA.tec. The newly founded company DELTA.tec belonged the REIFF Group since the beginning of April. Under the name DELTA MVS, the metalworking specialist had been a reliable partner for REIFF Technische Produkte for many years. By becoming part of the REIFF Group, REIFF Technische Produkte further expanded its expertise in machining and processing.


Service moves: REIFF Group modernises its image. The new clam simultaneously reflects two of the Group’s corporate principles: tradition and innovation. The company has successfully built on these two core values for more than 100 years. 

Geschäftsleitung REIFF mit Tochterunternehmen RTPS
Präsentation neues REIFF Logo


Acquisition of REIFF Reifen- und Autotechnik by EfTD. After more than 90 years, the Reiff family sold off the tyre division after thorough consideration, including all sales channels with specialist and wholesale trade, discount and online trade. 

Foundation of R.E.T Romania. REIFF focused on the industrial sector with technical trading and on the automotive sector in particular with elastomer production. An important step on this path was marked by the ceremonial opening of the new production site R.ElasTec RO in Romania, a subsidiary of Reutlingen-based REIFF Elastomertechnik (R.E.T.).


Brand relaunch with the new claim “Competence in technology”. REIFF not only manifested the independence of the technical trading with a new appearance. Instead, as part of a comprehensive “corporate identity process”, the company dealt with its strategic market orientation as well as its values and positions as an employer brand. 


New executive board of the REIFF Group. Alec Reiff took over the REIFF Group in the fourth generation. The new executive board is made up of a trio with extensive know-how and innovative strength. In addition to Alec Reiff (CEO), Tim Steinel as COO and Manfred Braun as CFO make up the management team. Hubert Reiff relinquished group responsibility after 35 years and continues to accompany the REIFF Group as an advisory board member.


Geschäftsführung der REIFF-Gruppe: Alec Reiff (stehend), Tim Steinel (links) und Manfred Braun (rechts)


Sale of the manufacturing company R.E.T. The year 2021 started for the REIFF Group with an important strategic decision: “The advancing technological development and increasing concentration of the markets require a clear positioning and market orientation. From now on, we will focus on the sale of technical products with all the companies in the REIFF Group,” explains Alec Reiff.