Stronger together

Code of Conduct

REIFF undertakes to require its suppliers and cooperating companies to abide by the same criteria and standards as those that underpin its own activity in terms of sustainability.

The companies' endeavours are based on mutual respect and their conduct towards people, nature and the environment.REIFF is at pains to implement the goals of the International Labour Organisation in all matters and to expect the same of the companies doing business with REIFF.Improving the working and living conditions for employees, both our own and those who are affiliated with the REIFF economic process, is the ultimate desirable outcome.No employee may be exposed to situations that pose a danger to life and limb. Neither machinery nor the work environment must be permitted to pose a tangible risk. Safety and fire protection are to be complied with at all times.


REIFF is explicitly and unconditionally opposed to child labour.

Children who embark on full-time employment instead of compulsory universal schooling are being deprived of the means of a responsible and necessary control over their lives along with the right to appropriate education.


REIFF therefore champions a ban on child labour among its international partners.

Equally, REIFF does not tolerate corruption or bribery in any form.


All REIFF-affiliated companies and suppliers commit themselves to a fair market economy and compliance with all typical national laws and standards.

REIFF also assumes responsibility for reducing waste and emissions in the atmosphere, water and soil, for the safe and environmentally-friendly handling of chemicals as well as the safe handling, storage and disposal of hazardous substances and makes its contribution to the recycling and recovery of materials in the context of sustainability.

Affiliations and associations

Based on the Code of Conduct to which REIFF has committed itself, the company is involved in various affiliations and associations. The goal is to use this close collaboration to accumulate knowledge, economise on resources and sustainably shorten trading channels. The advantages created by this association, especially in the technical retail trade, contribute to REIFF's competence and efficiency. Special reference is made below to the following affiliations:


4plus is a leading national affiliation of four major technical dealers and plastics processors. The regional market position on the one hand and the partners' professional expertise on the other are strengthened on account of this concentration of interests and volumes.

The VTH is the largest trade association for the technical trade sector and is the professional association for technical dealers in Germany and Austria.

As a representative of an active industry, the VTH is at the interface between the professional user and the manufacturing industry.

The MULCO working group is an affiliation of leading drive specialists. REIFF is your Mulco partner for the Württemberg sales region.

EDiS is a group of European firms which - although they operate independently within their home countries - exchange their know-how, expertise and technical assistance. Their goal consists in providing the customer with the best possible service, the highest product standards and availability.